2. shwetanarayan:

    Note: I am really glad that Rochita has found the strength to post despite everything that’s been happening to her.

    My perspective: outing Bee Sriduangkaew via whisper campaign was a vile act that cannot ever be defended. It was not the only vile act in this mess by a long way, and the slander against Rochita comes in a close second.

    I think it’s a very telling thing about this field that, with multiple white people showing their asses extremely publicly and loudly in the recent mess, the people who have been hurt and frightened worst are all multiply marginalized people, almost all WOC.

    which is why, white people, it is inherently oppressive, inherently racist, for you to insist that POC speak up about racism according to what you think we should do. You will never understand the risks we take to do so, and we can never rely on you to have our backs, so you should never be telling us when and how to do it.

    Speaking of POC who have suffered from this, I’m adding a link to Polenth’s post about it.

    And that’s all I’m willing to say in public, and more than I wanted to.



  3. Rich and Strange: “Santos de Sampaguitas” by Alyssa Wong, Part 2

    Rich and Strange: “Santos de Sampaguitas” by Alyssa Wong, Part 2

    Last week I reviewed Part 1 of this story; this week I’m reviewing Part 2, as well as reflecting on the story as a whole.

    Briefly: it made me gasp and cry in that mixture of shocked, satisfied pain that comes from a story that’s managed to truly, suddenly surprise you with the places to which it was willing to go, the comfort it was willing to strip away. I recently had the experience of moving…

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    The mistake Abdul Dremali Makes is temporal ie one of rate of flow, you can not get unlimited bread sticks all at once as they would collapse in on themselves and form a black hole.  Effectively removing themselves from the universe and resulting in a basket too heavy for the average server.

    By limiting how many bread sticks are available at one point they can have a constant stream of matter from the kitchen to the customer to the bathroom to various cleaning and recycling steps out in to the world and from the world back to the grain field to processing to the kitchen to the customer.  Making an unlimited amount of bread sticks (for at least the next 100 trillion years) with a limited amount of matter.

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  5. relaxable said: Hi Ben! Concerning Anita Sarkeesian, I feel really conflicted. I mean, the evidence is clear - concerning her screencap of "death threats", that twitter page, account and screenshot are all fabricated and it is so obvious. Why is the person logged out? Why is there nothing indicated in the search bar? The person has no picture, and those tweets are said person's only tweets - why? 12 seconds since the most recent tweet after the screenshot? It's scripted. It's clear that she made the account.







    I am not always logged into twitter. You can view an account while logged out. My guess is that she saw the tweets on her phone and went to the nearest computer to get a screenshot. 

    She went to the account’s url directly. Nothing needs to be in the search bar for that. 

    Like this. 


    The person clearly created a throwaway account so they could harass her. They didn’t bother uploading an avatar so it went to the default twitter avatar. Usually these accounts are created using a IP address proxy so they cannot be tracked. 

    Since they created the account for that singular purpose, that is why those are the only tweets. 

    Clearly the person was writing all of this in a rant like state. Publishing them one after the other. It is totally within the realm of possibility that she took a screenshot in the middle of the rant, explaining the 12 second tweet. 

    I’ve actually had attacks very similar to this. Where someone creates an account just to threaten and harass me.

    I’ve analyzed the image she posted, compared it with what twitter looks like when logged out, and there is no manipulation. 

    The only way it could be faked is if she created the account herself and screencapped the results. 

    I find that highly unlikely because I have personally seen hundreds of comments, tweets, and messages of harassment and threats directed at her. Basically go into any comment thread where her videos are discussed.

    She doesn’t need to fabricate these things. She has plenty of authentic samples to choose from. I can’t even imagine what her email inbox looks like. 

    The part that makes it scary is that the person had her address. 

    Whoever told you this did some very shoddy detective work. In my personal opinion, all of the evidence shows that it is authentic. Especially since it closely mirrors harassment I have received in the past.

    I’m also a little disturbed how willing people are to blame the victim. Studies have shown that “false victimhood” is actually very rare and it is prudent to always give the person the benefit of the doubt. What if this was a real threat, the police were like, “I don’t believe you” and then something happened to her. 

    Be very careful with things like this. Victim blaming can have serious consequences you may not be aware of. 

    And “debunks” like this, where someone says “oh the page is clearly faked for xyz reasons,” are almost always a calculated lie. Sure, not everyone will believe you, but a LOT of people will be inclined to believe you no matter how shoddy your proof, and a lot of people will be impressed by the confidence with which you announce “it’s a fake!”

    For every actual logical rebuttal like Frogman’s, there are probably ten more people who see this “proof” and become convinced Sarkeesian is lying about the whole - despite the PLETHORA of publicly visible evidence that there are people who are willing to threaten her.

    If you spread the lie that Sarkeesian is faking her harassment, you are complicit in that harassment. You are aiding her harassers. Stop it.

    also the moon landing was faked and obama was born in kenya

    Kind of telling how many people accuse every single woman who’s been harassed and doxxed recently as having “faked it” and “done it to themselves”. 

    It’s the go-to defense for folks.

    It’s the socially semi-acceptable way of saying “she asked for it,” and “she brought it on her own head.”  She was too loud, she had too many opinions, she dared to exist in public; threats of violence and gendered slurs are just what she deserves.

    It’s sick and it’s upsetting and it’s why so many of us spend so much time off-balance and frantically trying to find the reset button on this fucked-up social model.

    ….how does the newest tweet being just 12 seconds old make it seem like she made it herself? If anything, that would have been harder to do. Seriously. You tweet, you log out, you go to the page, you screen cap…. in 12 seconds?

    This is an example of people accepting nonsensical “evidence” purely because it confirms their bias.

    Emphasis mine.

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    Floating Acorn Cap Candle

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    still the best reference disney ever made

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    I made The Witches’ Daughters for Terrestrial, an anthology of earth-themed fantasy comics edited by Amanda Scurti. You can also read it at its forever home on my portfolio website.

    The anthology debuted at SPX 2014, and now you can buy it here! It’s full of lovely comics and illustrations, and I’m very happy to be included in such good company. 

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  10. keyofnik:



    The Laughing Soldier.

    This is so beautifully chilling. I love it.

    Actually perfect.

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